Consultancy innovation support services

Technical and technologic services
  • RDI project management
  • Idea, product concepts evaluation
  • Assessment of patentability, novelties search
  • Legal consultancy on intellectual property management, etc.
Technologic partnership services
  • Technology brokerage, innovation scouting, partner search
  • Consultancy on technologic audits
  • Consultancy on intellectual property negotiations and agreements
  • Technologic partnership events;
Innovation management services
  • Consultancy of innovation projects and feasibility studies
  • Consultancy on innovation strategies, programmes and project management
  • Market research, business development and strategic planning consultancy
  • Innovation promotion, etc.
Services of access to innovation funding
  • Project administration consultancy
  • Financial planning and management consultancy
  • Consultancy of the use of public financial and venture capital measures;
Communication and entrepreneurship services
  • PR for tenants and other innovative businessess and initiatives
  • Innovation and technology communication, event management
  • Youth entrepreneurship promotion and initiatives
  • Entrepreneurship programs, start-up, spin-off creation, acceleration, mentorship