About us

Who we are?

Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park is a non-profit organization, founded in 2003. The Park features long-standing traditions in the development of entrepreneurship, promotion of business and science collaboration, provision of infrastructure, and other innovation support services to young, innovative enterprises as well as to other knowledge-intensive businesses.

The Park is a perfect place for innovative technological enterprises, enterprising members of the universities community, and an R&D environment, who aim to commercialize their knowledge, establish and develop businesses and expand innovative activity.


Our mission

We operate to ensure provision of quality services to knowledge-intensive business and to encourage and support everyone willing to commercialise their business ideas.

Our vision

We aim to become one of the strongest science and technology park in the Baltics and the most attractive place for knowledge-intensive business.

We value:


Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park community consists of talented and ambitious enterprises. We understand that talent is one of the key elements determining innovative business establishment, therefore, we take care of talents and aim at rallying them around.


The enterprises established in the Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park operate in the areas of high technology. We appreciate technology-based business and the representatives of science, who aim to commercialise their inventions, as we believe that technology development is the guarantee of successful and public-beneficial business.


The best results can be obtained by continuous improvement only. We encourage the interested in business young generation to develop and implement their business ideas, the scientists – to venture commercialising their inventions, and we urge business enterprises to use different state organised opportunities allowing to increase entrepreneurship competences both in the level of employees as well as an enterprise itself.

Areas of activity

Key areas of activity of the Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park are as follows:

Infrastructure services for knowledge-intensive business.

Promotion of business and science collaboration, knowledge and technology transfer.

Rendering of entrepreneurship promotion, incubation services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Promotion of local and foreign investment and enhancement of international awareness.


The Park operates in a unique environment – in the biggest knowledge – study, research and business – trangle in the Baltic States – Sunrise Valley. 

The most powerful and greatest Lithuanian universities, such as Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical  University operate in the Valley.

Over 20,000 students study in the Valley.

The following open-access centres are established in the Valley:

• Laser Research Centre Naglis

•Life Sciences Centre

•The National Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

• Civil Engineering Research Centre

5,000 researchers operate in the Valley.

The biotechnology business incubator is run in the Valley.


Behind the Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park is a team of experts in various fields. Director, innovation consultants and managers, project coordinators, lawyer, accountant, communication specialist and administrative officers form the team that leads the organisation and implements its projects daily. Meet them!