Incubator “Cleantech Catalyst”


The trajectory of our planet’s climate is changing fundamentally and 2024 marks the beginning of what we can call the era of global boiling.


Far-reaching action is needed to reduce devastating impacts and achieve a sustainable, low-carbon future. In this context, cleantech innovation and sustainability initiatives have become even more critical.

We recognize the situation’s urgency and aspire to take a role in driving positive change. Our mission is to foster and support groundbreaking ideas within the area of clean technology, thereby contributing to the collective effort to combat global boiling and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.





Fueling the future of sustainability, our cleantech business incubator, “Cleantech Catalyst” is dedicated to nurturing and accelerating startups with environmentally-forward visions. We offer a dynamic ecosystem, expert mentorship, and essential resources to transform green ideas into impactful solutions for our planet.



Main pillars



Incubator stages

The Cleantech Catalyst program is a powerhouse of perks and helpful tools to supercharge fledgling cleantech startups on their path to glory. Think workshops, top-notch mentors, and insider access to a killer network. But first, the application process whittles down the field to the cream of the crop. Then, the lucky chosen ones embark on a six-month journey, full of growth and innovation.




Timeline, Experts, Coaches will be announced on 01.31




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